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Interview with B Tsogtbaatar: Public Health and COVID-Response

By Julian Dierkes Dr. TSOGTBAAYAR Byambaa earned his PhD from the Faculty of Health Sciences of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver in 2014. He received his MSc in Health Administration and International Health Policy from the University of Colorado in … Continue reading

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Early Speculation about Likely Election Outcomes

Speculation about possible election outcomes in the 2012 Mongolian parliamentary election. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Population Health Inequities Resulting from Mining

On-going projects on the impact of mining on population health. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Mongolian Medical Tourism Industry on the Rise

More and more people are traveling to receive medical care abroad. This is true of Mongolians as well and researchers from SFU are exploring the impact of this medical tourism on local health care systems. Continue reading

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