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Судлаачын хараат бус байдал

Монголыг яагаад сонирхож эхлэх болсон талаар 2014 оны үеээс хүмүүс надаас илүүтэйгээр асуух боллоо. Миний хувьд эрдэм шинжилгээ болон  өөрийн-сонирхолдоо хөтлөгдөж, орчин үеийн Монголын болон ялангуяа ирж буй 2016 оны сонгуулийн дүн шинжилгээнүүдийг хараат бусаар хийдэг гэдгээ тайлбарлах нь зөв … Continue reading

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Institutionalized Role for State in Emerging Resource Economies

By Julian Dierkes The workshop on “The State’s Role in Large Resource Projects” CIRDI recently co-organized with the International Cooperation Fund of the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was designed as an opportunity for Mongolians to share their experience in … Continue reading

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New to Ulaanbaatar in May 2016

By Julian Dierkes I’ve been keeping a list of things that are arriving to/disappearing from central Ulaanbaatar: December 2015 |  May 2015 | May 2014 | October 2013. I’ve copied the 2014 and 2015 lists here and am adding to it. New items … Continue reading

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ICF Workshop “State’s Role in Large Resource Projects”

Co-organized and co-hosted by International Cooperation Fund Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of Mongolia Canadian International Resources and Development Institute Int’l Cooperation Fund(ICF) & @CIIEID_ICIIED co-organize workshop on “The State’s Role in Large Resource Projects”. — MFA Mongolia (@MFA_Mongolia) … Continue reading

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Information about CIRDI’s Mongolia Project

By Julian Dierkes iPolitics’ James Munson recently published an article that is critical of the Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI) in a number of important aspects: project selection, information about projects, and broader issues about Canadian development assistance, … Continue reading

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With Changes to Electoral System, What Outlook for Mongolian Democracy?

By Julian Dierkes As parliament has accepted the high court rejection of proportional representation, some options remained, particular a postponing of the election or a reversion to the 2008 block-voting system. It now seems that a return to the 2004 … Continue reading

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How popular is Russian in Mongolia 26 Years After the Fall of the Soviet Union?

By Bulgan B The May 9th Victory Day has revived the Mongolian love for Russia once again. Mongolians were watching the Victory Day parade and Mongolian social media was trending on any story which relates to the Great Victory. Wreaths … Continue reading

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Mongolia in the Panama Papers

By Julian Dierkes Since the #PanamaPapers scandal broke there has been speculation about any Mongolian entanglements in the dealings of the Mossack Fonseca law firm. With the release of further information on May 9, that speculation has been fed by some … Continue reading

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National Survey of Mongolian Public Opinion

By Bulgan B and Julian Dierkes Just three weeks after Santmaral’s PolitBarometer came out, we have another indicator of Mongolian public opinion, courtesy of IRI with funding from the Canadian government, the “National Survey of Mongolian Public Opinion”. (Full Results … Continue reading

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Julian Dierkes: Яагаад Монголыг сонирхдог болов?

[See the English version as well. Thanks to Mendee for translation, and Bulgan for edits.] Зарим үед хүмүүс надад Монголын тухай энгийн асуулт тавьж алддаг. Учир би нэг яриад эхлэвэл сэтгэл маань хөөрөөд, намайг зогсооход ч төвөгтэй болно. Яагаад ингэдэг … Continue reading

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Where did my Interest in Mongolia Come from?

By Julian Dierkes Sometimes people make the mistake to ask me a seemingly straight-forward question about Mongolia. Well, once I get talking, I get pretty excited and it’ll be hard to stop me. So, why is that? Why am I … Continue reading

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