Ikh Khural 2016

Mongolians will be voting in their parliamentary election in late June 2016.

Despite the wide-spread use of Twitter, Mongolians have not been particularly avid hashtag users. But some of the hashtags to watch for the election include:

Tweets related to Mongolian politics: #mglpoli

Tweets related to the Mongolian parliament: #УИХ

Tweets related to Mongolian elections: #mglelect #mongoliaelex

Tweets related to the Mongolian parliamentary election in 2016:

  • #Сонгууль
  • #songuuli
  • #УИХ2016
  • #Сонгууль2016

As of early June 2016, #Сонгууль2016 seems to be the most active of these hashtags, so it’s the one I will be using most.

For Mongolia Focus posts related to the election see https://blogs.ubc.ca/mongolia/category/politics/elections/ikh-khural-2016/

To follow incumbent Members of Parliament (2012-16) on Twitter, subscribe to this list. I also have a list with candidates in the 2016 election who are on Twitter, but that is still very incomplete.