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First Mongolian Medal in London

Mongolian team at London 2012 Olympics celebrates the first medal. Continue reading

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Speculation on a New Government and Factions in the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party (DP) has decided to negotiate with the MPRP-MNDP’s “Justice” coalition on forming a coalition government. However, according to its latest statements, the DP received proposals from the CWGP and independent MPs to join the coalition government. Such … Continue reading

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Mongolia’s Quest for a Third Neighbor: European Union

Over last two decades, Mongolia is making sustained effort to deepen its ties with the European Union. Just adding a recent piece on Mongolia and EU relations.

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Mongolia and Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Mongolia’s non-membership stance towards the Shanghai Cooperation Organization indicates the organization’s incomplete regional representation in Inner Asia. Just adding a recent piece on Mongolia and Shanghai Cooperation Organization: “Factoring Mongolia’s non-Membership In the Shanghai Cooperation Organization” Voices from Central Asia, … Continue reading

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Sec. Hillary Clinton has finally Arrived…in UB

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton came to Ulaanbaatar and demonstrated why Mongolia matters: democracy is rare in the immediate neighbourhour. Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal Asia article on State of Mongolian Democracy

The glass is definitely half full for Asia’s only post-state socialist democracy. Continue reading

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East Asia Forum: Electronic Counting but no Trust

Voting technologies performed smoothly in Mongolian parliamentary election, but trust in political parties is still lacking. Continue reading

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Steps toward New Government

Surprisingly fast emergence of coalition a possibility in Mongolia. Continue reading

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The Impact of a Quota: Female MPs in the Ikh Khural

13 women have been elected to the Mongolian parliament with its 76 seats. This is a huge increase from three previous MPs that is due a minimum quota of 20% female candidates in the election law. Continue reading

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NATO and Mongolia

The NATO is finally changing its behaviour towards Mongolia by recognizing its success in democracy and contribution to the peacekeeping operations. Just adding a recent piece on Mongolia and NATO cooperation

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ACMS Conference: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Development, Environment, and Political Economy

Research conference on “Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Development, Environment, and Political Economy” to be held in Ulaanbaatar, July 3, 2012. Continue reading

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Blogging Election News

Some indications as to the effectiveness of blogging about the Mongolian parliamentary elections. Continue reading

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Democratic Party wins big in Ulaanbaatar City Council Election

Results of the Ulaanbaatar city council election. Continue reading

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