Democratic Party wins big in Ulaanbaatar City Council Election

According to, today the Election Committee of the Capital City announced the preliminary results of the 2012 Ulaanbaatar Council Election (Citizens’ Representatives’ Khural).

I wrote about the significance and procedures of this election in my previous post.

The results of the 30 the first-past-the-post seats:

Democratic Party — 20 seats

Mongolian People’s Party — 10 seats.

The results of the party-list elections (parties won over 5% of the votes):

Democratic Party — 35.53% (6 seats)
Mongolian People’s Party — 26.15% (4 seats)
MPRP-MNDP Coalition — 22.77% (4 seats)
Civil Will-Green Party — 8.02% (1 seat)

In total, with 26 seats, the Democratic Party won a solid majority in the Ulaanbaatar City Council.

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