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Guest Post: Documenting Buddhist Past

There has been a very worthwhile project aiming to document Mongolia’s Buddhist history going on for some years. This is an effort led by scholars, but with a very impressive cultural footprint and organized under the auspices of the competent … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Christopher Carter on the Role of Bag Governors

This post features a new community character from Bag 4, Abu the bag governor. This summer alongside this community I experimented with a participatory planning tool that I hope to refine over the upcoming years at UBC.  Participating clans were … Continue reading

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Introducing ‘Mongolia Research Hub’ at the University of Queensland

Today, more than ever before, research and informed discussion is required to successfully negotiate Mongolia’s rapid development in the face of interrelated political, economic, social and environmental challenges. The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) part of the University … Continue reading

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A Network Approach to NGO Development: Women’s NGOs in Mongolia

This article presents results of a social network survey of women’s NGOs in Mongolia, which was conducted during the spring of 2010. The main objective of the survey was to understand the structural properties of collaborative interactions among women’s NGOs. … Continue reading

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The Limitations of Mongolian-Kazakhstani Relations

I have recently had an article published on The Diplomat, in which I explore Mongolian-Kazakhstani relations. I argue that despite geographical and cultural proximity, relations between these two post-communist states are limited by three factors: Historical Political Boundaries Kazakhstan’s continued … Continue reading

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Does Presidential Pardon Bring End to Enkhbayar Saga?

Mongolian President Ts Elbegdorj was narrowly re-elected to a second term in the June 26 presidential election. He is embarking on this second and final term with expectations of personnel continuity and policy stability. He is setting out on this … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Christopher Carter on Kazakh Mongolians in Far West

For the past month I have been living at the mountain pastures of the fourth bag of Saqai Soum in Olgii province Mongolia working on researching participatory planning and water resource development. Olgii province is home to Mongolia’s largest ethnicity, a Kazakh … Continue reading

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Foreign Policy Roundup #4: July 28-August 4, 2013

The Foreign Policy Roundup returns, after a 2 month hiatus! As a reminder, in these bi-weekly posts I provide a brief summary of Mongolia’s international affairs developments over the past two weeks. (Most of the stories are from Mongolian-language sources, … Continue reading

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