Steps toward New Government

Contrary to the pattern from previous elections when the various steps following the polls came rather slowly, it appears that the DP is now eager to move ahead much faster.

With run-off elections scheduled for this Sunday, the final results for the election could come as early as this weekend.

The DP then seems to be eager to dissolve parliament and swear in a new parliament before Naadam.

DP leaders also gave a press conference to announce that the DP would be forming a government under party leader Altankhuyag as prime minister. They did not specify which party they would be forming a coalition with to reach the necessary 39 votes in the Ikh Khural to vote in a prime minister. However, DP leaders made an open statement, that they will join with any parties which accepts to the DP platform (campaign policy document). The DP will designate a new ministry for labor to address the unemployment challenges.

While a DP + MPP coalition seems the most natural given their collaboration in the past and the solid majority that they would command jointly, there are persistent rumours of DP discussions with the MPRP. In all likelihood President Elbegdorj would be opposed to that because some DP voters would surely not take kindly to such a coalition and might have this in mind as they cast their votes in next year’s presidential election. Also, Enkhbayar is very likely to be a candidate for president (again) for the MPRP.

Whatever coalition emerges, if it is under the DP’s leadership, this would be the first time that the DP would hold the top three offices in the country (president, prime minister, chairman of the Ikh Khural) and would also control the Ulaanbaatar city council at the same time.

The negotiations over various coalitions will surely involve many personal dynamics and ties, though the DP announcement seems to pre-empt the emergence of an alternative DP candidate for prime minister, a move that Battulga and Z Enkhbold had both rumoured to be planning.

The General Election Commission will submit the election result for the President tomorrow and following the closing ceremony of the current parliament, the new parliament is likely to start its first session.

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  1. Bill Rafoss says: is reporting today (July 9) that the Justice Coalition has accepted the DP’s invitation to join their government. Can you confirm this?

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