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The Demos Party: Women Candidates, Multi-Ethnic Mongolia, and Third Party Rural Strategy

By Marissa J. Smith Among the four independent parties we are following, the Demos (ЗОН) Party has an interesting mix of most sophisticated web presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website, and even Wikipedia page!) and its fielding of candidates in every … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Gender Mainstreaming in Public Administration

By Oyuntuya Shagdarsuren At a glance, Mongolia may seem like a ‘paradise for men’ given the high status of men or a ‘paradise for women’ given the country’s high rankings on human development indices. Yet, the gender equality situation remains … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Podcasting Mongolia

By Tsenguun T & Aldarsaikhan T The Mongolian podcasting scene is growing rapidly since the production of the first Mongolian podcast Үлдэх Үг in mid-2016. There are close to 20 Mongolian podcasts covering various topics today, and this number is … Continue reading

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Women Run Mongolian Elections, But They Don’t Run In Them

By Julian Dierkes When you go to vote in Mongolia, look around in the polling station. Like so many (government) offices, the polling stations are run by women. Yes, every once in a while, there will be a man as … Continue reading

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Udval Candidacy

It appears that the MPRP is pressing on with the nomination of Health Minister N Udval for the presidential election. There had been some doubts about the sincerity of the nomination and speculation that the MPRP was merely trying to … Continue reading

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Mongolia Jumps to Higher Category in Freedom House Political Rights

Mongolia’s political rights evaluated in top category by Freedom House. Continue reading

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Book: Change in Democratic Mongolia – Social Relations, Health, Mobile Pastoralism, and Mining

A new edited volume of social science research on contemporary Mongolia. Continue reading

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The Impact of a Quota: Female MPs in the Ikh Khural

13 women have been elected to the Mongolian parliament with its 76 seats. This is a huge increase from three previous MPs that is due a minimum quota of 20% female candidates in the election law. Continue reading

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Parties Decide on Candidates

Changes in electoral law for Mongolia lead to shuffling among candidates for “safe” party nominations. Continue reading

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Impact of Revised Electoral Law on Parliamentary Election Outcome

Will the revisions of the electoral law in Mongolia benefit particular parties? Continue reading

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New Electoral Law Passed by Ikh Khural

Electoral law in Mongolia revised to vault the country to world leadership in the sweepstakes for the most complicated electoral system. Continue reading

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Election Law for Whom?

Byamba discusses changes to Mongolia’s electoral law ahead of the summer 2012 parliamentary election. Continue reading

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