Clarification on Electoral Law

By Julian Dierkes

So, in my haste to share information quickly, I got some aspects of the revisions to the electoral law wrong this morning.

[Thanks again to Byamba who brought these clarifications to my attention.]

An unofficial version of the electoral law has been reproduced on Mongolian news sites, e.g.

1. 48 members will be elected from single-member districts. I had thought this morning that the 48 members who would be elected directly would be elected in multi-member ridings as they had been in 2008. So voters will have two votes: a single individual candidate (in their riding) and a party or coalition.

While this means that Mongolia is out of the race for most complicated electoral system, this is obviously very good news and makes the revisions sound quite sensible.

2. Mongolians living abroad will be able to vote through Mongolian embassies 15 days before the election.

3. The quota for women candidates was 15% in the draft approved by committee, but seems to have been changed to 20% during the final plenary discussion.

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  1. Christina Costello says:

    You mention that an unofficial version of the electoral law is available on the web. Do you know of any English translations out there?

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