Parliamentary Election 2020 Campaign Slogans

By Bulgan Batdorj 

In this brief post, I want to share the slogans of the parties competing in this year’s parliamentary election on June 24.  I was able to find seven party and three coalition slogans.

Although the data is not huge, I ran a word cloud query. The word “win” came out as the only repeated word, however, the notion of “development” appeared to be a theme if I generalized the texts into stemmed words in English.  Aside from this technical query, the notions of these slogans, such as “clean the government”, “ger district will win”, “justice will win”, and “abide by the constitution” seem to be rooted in the growing sense of injustice felt in the wider society – as mentioned as a big theme in Dr. Julian Dierkes’s first session of the election preview. 

Two specific issue-centered slogans are the “Your voice can protect the environment” by the Green Party and the “MOM” or ЭЭЖ slogan which focuses on women, gender, and mother and child issues by the Demos Party. The Ger District Development Party also strictly focuses on ger district, and the slogan lengthens in some of the meetings to “Ger District will Win, Ger District will Develop”.

Compilations of the slogan:

  1. Mongolian People’s Party  [Монгол Ардын Нам]- “Unite the Force”  (Хүчээ нэгтгэе)
  2. Mongolian Democratic Party [Ардчилсан Нам]- “Growth for each household” (Өсөлтийг Өрх Бүрд)
  3. United Patriots Party [Эх орончдын нэгдсэн нам] – “Clean the government, Prosper the people” (Төрөө цэгцэлнэ, Түмнээ дэвжээнэ)
  4. Demos Party [Зон олны нам] – ЭЭЖ (means MOM) abbreviation used for Women (эмэгтэйчүүд), Mother and Child (эх хүүхдүүд), and Gender (жендэр)
  5. World Mongols Party [Дэлхийн монголчууд нам] – “For Every Citizen”(Иргэн Бүрийн төлөө)
  6. Mongolian Green Party [Монголын Ногоон нам] – “Your voice can protect the environment” (Таны дуу хоолой байгалийг хамгаалж чадна”
  7. Ger District Development Party [Гэр хороолол хөгжлийн нам] – “Ger District will win” (Гэр хороолол ялна)


  1. Sahigtun! Constitution 19 Coalition: “For Mongolia Abide by the constitution” (Монголын төлөө үндсэн хуулиа сахигтун)
  2. New Coaltion [Шинэ эвсэл] – “Justice will win”  (Шудрага ёс ялна)
  3. Right Person Electorate Coalition [Зөв хүн электорат]- “Only the right person” (Зөвхөн зөв хүн)  #ЗөвХүн
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