Notes on Parliamentary Election Candidates & Races

By Julian Dierkes

The official campaign for the June 29 parliamentary election kicked off on June 11. The General Election Commission published the official list of candidates on June 7.

I’ve been trying to sort through this list to take note of particular interesting races and to get an overview of the political landscape. Below are some numbers.

I suspect that I will keep updating this post or re-posting it as I notice or am told about more patterns.

The number in parentheses refers to the constituency (тойрог) number

Two Constituencies with only two candidates (DP & MPP)

Bayan-Ulgii (4)

Uvs (32)

Nine Constituencies with only three candidates (DP & MPP & ?)

Bayan-Ulgii (5) Conservative Party

Umnugovi (22) MPRP

Umnugovi (23) MPRP

Selenge (27) MPRP

Tuv (29) MPRP

Tuv (30) MPRP

Uvs (33) MPRP

Khentii (40) CWGP

Khentii (42) MPRP

21 Constituencies with no Incumbents Running

Bayan-Ulgii (5)

Bayankhongor (8)

Bulgan (10)

Govi-Altai (11)

Govi-Sumber (12)

Dundgovi (13)

Zavkhan (18)

Uvurkhangai (20)

Uvurkhangai (21)

Umnugovi (22)

Tuv (29)

Khovd (34)

Khovd (36)

Khuvsgul (37)

Khentii (42)

Darkhan-Uul (44)

Orkhon (48)

Sukhbaatar (59)

Bayangol (68)

Songinokhairkhan (71)

Songinokhairkhan (76)

21 races without an incumbent means that there will be at most 55 incumbents in the new parliament, that means roughly at least a quarter of MPs will be new to parliament.

Constituencies with Most Candidates

Bayanzurkh (51): 14

Bayanzurkh (54): 13

Chingeltei (63): 13

Bayanzurkh (49): 12

Bayanzurkh (51): 12

Bayanzurkh (53): 12

Khan-Uul (55): 12

Songinokhairkhan (72): 12

City vs. Country Constituencies

28 city district constituencies with total of 283 candidates, i.e. roughly 10 per constituency

48 country districts with total of 215 candidates, roughly 4.5 per constituency

About Julian Dierkes

Julian Dierkes is a sociologist by training (PhD Princeton Univ) and a Mongolist by choice and passion since around 2005. He teaches in the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He toots and tweets @jdierkes
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3 Responses to Notes on Parliamentary Election Candidates & Races

  1. Re: Orkhon (48), D. Damba-Ochir, the MAN candidate, is not the incumbent, but was a member of parliament representing Orkhon in 2008-2012. He ran in the 2012 elections, also as a MAN candidate.

    Also interesting in Orkhon:
    Odkhuu (AN) ran in 2012 and was also a PM in 2008-2012. Candidates Zolbaatar and Altankhuyag ran in 2012, but have switched parties (Zolbaatar from AN to the Irgenii Khudulguunii Nam and Altankhuyag from Civil Will-Green to AN).

  2. Zoljargal and Damba-Ochir are both the heads of prominent local companies, which I have never heard any complaints about. I’m curious about this “Civil Movement Party;” I wonder as to how being a part of that vs. AN would effect Zoljargal’s chances.

    I also just noticed something else rather major — O. Baasankhuu (MAKhN), currently representing Sukhbaatar District, is also running against Zoljargal and Odkhuu! I think I also need to go and look further into what is going on with MAKhN.

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