MPP Confirms Bat-Erdene As Nominee for Presidential Election

The opposition Mongolian People’s Party (MPP), announced its candidate for the upcoming presidential election after series of internal party nomination elections.  A well-known wrestling champion and long-time Member of Parliament (from Khentii Province), Badnaanyambuu BAT-ERDENE, will run against the incumbent President Elbegdorj.

With his continued stance on environmental protection, particularly from mining consequences, he is a strong candidate in this election.  He demonstrated staunch support of the controversial [depending on analysts’ perspectives] “Law with the Long Name” (The Law on the Prohibition of Minerals Exploration in Water Basins and Forested Areas of 2009) and even has contradicted the previous governments of his own party.  Obviously, environmental protection and improvement of legal frameworks and enforcement concerning mining will be one of the main issues in the upcoming campaign along with fighting corruption and reducing government inefficiency.

As the party announced its nominee, President Elbegdorj tweeted his congratulations. The  MPP started campaigning for Bat-Erdene as the “Emissary of Unity” [Ev Negdeliin Elch] through social media.  The impact  of social media in the election will be an interesting aspect to watch.

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Jargalsaikhan Mendee, a PhD candidate of the Political Science Department of the University of British Columbia
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