Introduction: Claude D’Souza

4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics, 1 Word: I coincidentally happened to download this game application on my smartphone this week in my search for good educational games that could be shared with EFL students. The purpose of the game is to identify the common word that connects the 4 images on the screen. In addition to the visual clues, the gamer also has 12 scrambled letters below which contain the letters used to form the mystery word. I was glad to hear that many of my students had already downloaded this application and enjoy using it. I think it connects nicely to the Module 1 material because it highlights an interactive way for an English language learner to build literacy through the use of text and technology. Furthermore, I believe that applications such as this one exemplify the present day multi-sequential, image-based educational environments that are only accessible to those who embrace new technology, such as smartphones.

This is my second year and 5th course in the MET program at UBC. I previously attained my B.A. and B.Ed degrees from UBC, and went on to teach a few years of upper elementary (Grades 4-7) in my hometown of Delta, BC. Currently, I am teaching EFL conversation and writing to Korean high school students in Seoul. I enjoy playing sports, hiking, and experiencing diverse cultures through my travels. I recently returned from a one-month trip in Europe which included stops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal! In addition to taking this course in order to attain my Master’s degree, I chose it because I am interested in learning more about how current forms of communication have been influenced by the historical development of technology. The affordances of various types of technology on education, particularly in the area of foreign language learning, also appeals to me.

I look forward to engaging in discussions and working with you over the course of the term. Ciao!

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