Introduction: Chenoa Dirks


Scrabble!! How many words can you make with 2 letters? I chose this picture because I love to play, even though I don’t have much time to these days. It represents letters, words, text, community, and of course a little skill, strategy, and good competition. Scrabble-type games have been around for a very long time and over the years they have evolved along with technology. Though most “Scrabblers” still play the board game, those who can’t wait for a live partner can play any one of several versions designed for online play. The game is also commonly used by Literacy groups and adult learning centres to encourage literacy, reading, and conversational language skills.

My name is Chenoa and this is my 7th MET course. I live in Yarrow, BC with my husband and 4 boys. After several different careers, I finally reached my goal of becoming a teacher a few years ago. Right now I am on the TOC list and possibly a contract soon. I’m looking forward to learning and and working with all of you!


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2 Responses to Introduction: Chenoa Dirks

  1. dsouzacl says:

    Good luck landing a full-time job, Chenoa. Your image reminded me of the good old days I had playing competitive games of scrabble with family and friends! I think it’s time to get the old board and tiles out again : )

  2. emonks says:

    We played lots of board and card games too, but for some reason Scrabble was not on the play list…

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