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Making Connections

When I first thought about making connections throughout the course, it seemed very daunting.  There was so much material in the course, and I feel that personally my thoughts and perceptions changed so much throughout the course, that it can … Continue reading

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Rip.Mix.Feed. Using Dumpr

I chose to use Dumpr for my Rip.Mix.Feed. because I thought it seemed the most likely tool that I would use in my personal life, or for an activity in class.  I quite enjoyed it, as with most new technology … Continue reading

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The Effect the Telephone Had on Literacy and Society

The Effect the Telephone Had on Literacy and Society By Danielle Chrisman Context Although there is debate about who actually invented the telephone, it is often credited to Alexander Graham Bell, as he was the first one to patent the … Continue reading

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Postman’s Thoughts Looked at Through an Optimistic View

In the first chapter of his book, Technopoly, Postman brings up several interesting points. Although he provides well thought out arguments for these, his arguments seem very one sided. As he quotes famous philosophers such as Plato, who often looked … Continue reading

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Hello from London

I chose this picture because for me when I think about text and technology, I think about how easy it has become to communicate with anyone, at anytime, anywhere. This photo shows several people in the same area, but far … Continue reading

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