Mining Companies

Below is a listing of the non-Mongolian mining companies active in Mongolia that we’re aware of. Note that this list has a giant blindspot when it comes to Asian investments in the Mongolian mining sector, especially the many small-to-medium scale investments form China.


Aspire Mining (AUS)

Banpu (THAI)

Draig Resources (AUS)

Modun Resources (AUS)

Mongolia Energy Corporation (HK)

Mongolian Mining Corporation (HK)

Mongolian Resource Corporation (AUS)

Newera Resources (AUS)

Nova Resources Ltd (SG)

Operta BBM (DE)

Prophecy Coal (CDN)

South Gobi Resources (CDN)

Terra Energy (AUS)

Tian Poh Resources (SG)

Viking Mines (AUS)

Xanadu Mines (AUS)


Blina Minerals (AUS)

Canrim Resources (SG)

Central Asia Metals (UK)

Entrée Gold (CDN)

Erdene Resource Development (CDN)  [also Molybdenum, Coal]

Kincora Copper (CDN)

North Asia Resources (HK)

Parmelia Resources (AUS)

Rio Tinto (UK/AUS)

Turquoise Hill Resources (CDN) [also Gold, Coal; formerly Ivanhoe Mines]

Voyager Resources (AUS)

Xanadu Mines (AUS)


Altan Rio Minerals (CDN)

Centerra Gold (CDN)

Central Asia Metals (UK)

Entrée Gold (CDN)

Garrison International (CDN)

Kincora Copper (CDN)

Meritus Minerals (CDN)

Mongolian Resource Corporation (AUS)

Puget Ventures/Global Cobalt (CDN)

Rio Tinto (UK/AUS)

Undur Tolgoi Minerals (CAN)

Voyager Resources (AUS)

Xanadu Mines (AUS)


FeOre (HK)

Haranga Resources (AUS)

Mongolian Resource Corporation (AUS)


Nova Mining Corp (USA)


Genie Oil & Gas (ISR)

Manas Petroleum (SUI)

Wolf Petroleum (AUS)

Rare Earths

Blackridge Mining (AUS)


Eumeralla Resources (AUS)


Areva (FR)

East Asia Minerals (CDN)

Denison Mines (CDN)

Khan Resources (CDN)

Mongolia Forward (USA)

Solomon Resources (CDN)

Uranium Industry (CZ)

If you see an erroneous listing here or know of more non-Mongolian mining operations, please send us a note (julian|dot|dierkes|at|ubc|dot|ca).

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  5. Great list of mining companies you have collected. We would like to introduce ourself as one of the leading heavy machine providers that support companies like these you mentioned.

  6. Mineral Exploration Drilling Service in Mongolia, great to have a site with most Exploration & Mining Companies, What i would like to see is a Drilling Tender website to announce all new Tenders.

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