Introduction: Steve Holmberg


Hi Everyone,

Why I like This Picture:

I like this picture because it asks us to consider the very important question of “why” when we decide to use vehicles of text and technology (yes, the automobile was considered new and innovative technology when it was introduced!). Clarity of “why” is important in anything we do in society. Simon Sinek, a trained ethnographer, believes that philosophy and motivation should start with “why”. When we have clarity of why it helps us understand what motivates us. The audio forum we listened to this week also speaks to the importance of knowing who we are and what our values are. I believe that this self reflective ethical stance will ensure that we use text and technology in ways that matter to us and the environments that we surround ourselves in.


I am a happy husband married to an incredible woman named Jennette. We have two beautiful daughters; Ivy is 4 years old & Annabel is just over a year. As a family, we enjoy spending time together playing, reading, and participating in various outdoor activities. I am a professional musician/guitar player who has performed in various pop and jazz groups in western Canada and Europe. As I musician, I strive for personal connections through ensembles I play in with both the musicians on stage and the audience I interact with.


I am a music specialist and educator in the West Vancouver School District. I started in our district as an itinerant teacher 9 years ago and during that time Iv’e taught music at 2 high schools and 4 elementary schools teaching students general music and concert band. I feel very privileged to teach in SD #45 as I have always been very well supported by every administrator and staff I have worked with. Recently our district has engaged in a district wide technology initiative/action plan and at my current school (Hollyburn Elementary) I co-facilitate tech integration with iPads and various other devices.

Looking forward to collaborating with all of you!!


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  1. I went to Hollyburn for Grades 4-6! How do you like teaching there? I loved being a student there!

  2. steve1 says:

    Hi Ashley . . . Thanks for the response. Hollyburn is a great school to teach at. The staff is great and the kids are exceptional. HB is now a very culturally diverse school population . . . a real “window on to the world”


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