Versions of Reality

Words 'n Images Square (Hidden Text)

I chose this image for it’s diversity in communicating ideas as opposed to presenting an absolute, fixed reality. Text presents us with a version of truth or a shadow of a person’s ideas which they express in an attempt to be understood. The receiver (reader) bends that reality through their imperfect understanding to create a new truth. These images are a sort of text with a message to be received and understood — albeit from another’s perspective with a unique schema. Whatever the mode of communication – print or digital – we are constantly sorting what is meant by it’s composition.

I have been an English teacher for many years and taught English Media around the time that computers were becoming commonplace in the schools. Digital media was not a part of the given curriculum at the time. I was attracted to this program by my desire to determine how to best incorporate technology into my classroom practice and to learn more about best practices in online learning environments. This is my 7th course in my journey, and I have learned that the answer is, well, complicated! Even though it was very time consuming, I quite enjoyed the media production assignment(s) in ETEC 531, and I hope to employ those new skills to vloging here.

About Kim Wagner

Kimberly Wagner is the College Link program teacher for District School Board Ontario North East. In addition to teaching English for the last 16 years, she has also coordinated Student Success within her previous high school for a four year period. The student success initiative in which she is currently involved is focused on reengaging students who have left high school at a young age and would now like an opportunity to graduate with their diploma.
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