I really enjoyed this assignment/posting. I love being able to explore different tools and to create artifacts or resources and feel lucky to say that I have been able to explore different web tools in my time in MET. For this posting, I tried two tools both involving remixing images.  The first tool that I tried was on the Web 2.0 Gems site, called Spell with Flickr . This tool was extremely easy to use, select a word and type it in. After clicking “spell”, it finds images of the letters in your word on Flickr to spell it out. This tool was quick and easy for anyone to use. I can definitely see how I could use this tool again. I tried out different words and decided to use the word-literacy.

LINGO Letter L i45 Dinosaur Puzzle Letter T Vintage Sticker Letter E Bob and Roberta Smith Alphabet Block Letter R letter A White Bead letter C BANANAGRAMS Letter Y

The other tool I tried was also on the Web 2.0 Gems site and was Dumpr. This tool was also relatively easy. After setting up an account, I tried out some of the different tools. I used my own image and uploaded it. I was disappointed as some of the tools I wanted to try were not working. Some of the remixing-such as “Celebrity Paparazzi” and “Your photos in museums” were very surreal thinking that someone was sitting in front of my picture in a museum or were talking a picture of me like I was someone famous. I decided to use the Lego-ize tool for my remix. Teaching Grade 2 Legos seem to always be on my brain! My students are obsessed with Legos and Lego-men. Every spare moment they get they are in the Lego buckets building away. So my remix is an homage to them!

Photo Fun
Dumpr – Photo Fun

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