Rip.Mix.Feed by Velasquez

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  • What motivated you to explore the appliction(s) you used?

I have used Blabberize before, and there is a humor in seeing photographs with moving mouths that no amount of describing can every hope to accomplish. This online tool allows any portrait to speak.

  • What have you attempted to achieve in your project?

To make people laugh at the absurdity of the moving mouths and of the whining of the two characters. One yearns to read digital books and the other would love to read old books with pages that flip. In some ways I was trying to show why the past should always shake hands with the future, till the future itself becomes the past and shakes the hand of the future.

  • What are the particular affordances (for knowledge mobilization, learning, etc) of the form of production you’ve selected in relation to previous forms of production we’ve considered in this course?

Because I used multiple tools (Blabberize is limited to a single photograph at a time) I would say the affordances are many. However, since Blabberize is what allowed my photographs to speak I think its main affordance (besides humor) is the ability for students to take on the role of historical people or to juxtapose (as I did) different characters who share opposing views.

  • What are the potential drawbacks?

One draw back is you have to splice two videos together using another tool, because Blabberize only allows you to use one photo at a time. That’s not entirely a bad thing because it means another tool in a student’s repertoire! One major drawback is you have to have the right tools to make this work. I created the entire video on my wife’s notebook because my main PC was setup for photoshop, so there is no microphone, and no webcam! All of the tools I used are free, and while it’s possible to share videos directly through the Blabberize website, it’s impossible to splice two portraits into one!


StormTrooper: Photo credit  pasukaru76 on Flickr

James Curley: Photo credit Smithsonian Institution


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6 Responses to Rip.Mix.Feed by Velasquez

  1. Kim Wagner says:

    This was amusing and makes a statement!

  2. laurenmacd says:

    I’ve never used Blabberize before. Can’t wait to try this out. I know my students would love it! Great message in your video also!

  3. Eva says:

    This is great! I love learning about all of these tools-some I’ve heard of and some new like Blabberize. It’s hysterical!

    • fotopasion says:

      Eva I’m glad you see the humor in this. The applications for Blabberize are many. It’s a multi-modal tool that heavily relies on the visual and the auditory modes of communication. Kids can have a blast with history projects (which of course would still require them to research and write down their script and cite their sources). While I made my presentation on the fly, I know I could have done something a little more polished had I taken the time to write out a script.


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