I came across an art lesson that mentioned so I thought I would try it with my class and essentially kill two birds with one stone.  First, I took pictures of all of my students.  Second, I uploaded them individually into the “photo to sketch” section of Dumpr.  I printed each one and enlarged them on our photocopier.  Next, the students placed a blank piece of paper over their photocopy and with a sharpie, outlined their face, shoulders and features.  Lastly, they used water colour paints to paint sections of their portrait.  The lesson is from  Below is an example of the 3 steps.  I asked for student and parent permission before using their photograph and artwork.  For some reason when I used the “Photo to Sketch” application now there was an error so I used “Sketch Artist” to give you an idea what the photo turns into.  I loved how they all turned out and the students really enjoyed making their own “Pop Art Portrait”






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3 Responses to Rip.Mix.Feed

  1. Kim Wagner says:

    I really like the activity you completed with your class using this tool. I think you could do this with high school students as well.

  2. laurenmacd says:

    What a great way to have students engage in different steps of an art project and to include technology in art. I love the final project!

  3. Lisa Nevoral says:

    Thanks for providing an example of the three steps you used to complete the project. Way to use something from our course in your actual classroom!


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