making connections

I started a bit of mind map in an effort to reflect on everything we have covered in this course.  This is just a start. I think could be branching off for miles in each direction, especially as I look through other peoples’ work. The collaborative and research projects in this course were so diverse and really built on the course material. I couldn’t cover it all from penny newspapers, to 9/11 and the media, to flipped learning, to social media. I didn’t have a chance to read all the projects in detail!  The media tools (video essays, prezi, photo editing, animation tools) that people used were in and of themselves a major a useful and interesting adventure. Usually I like to include images in my mind map, but I was limited by the tool I used.  While it was an accessible app on my tablet, it doesn’t have some of the functionality of fuller programs.  I am sad not to include images, as at the end of this course I still find myself most fascinated by the relationship between image and text, most of all.

Good luck everyone. It’s been a pleasure and a very rich learning environment.


mindmap etec 540

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