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I chose this image because I think that graffiti can be a powerful form of expression. In some regards it was the earliest form of social media and allowed the author to reflect on the moment in space and time when she or he created the work. There is a prolific culture around the concept of 'tagging' that far outdates social media tagging, hash-tagging, poking, and so on, that seems to speak to an underlying need for people to express themselves and be heard in public. From early prehistoric cave paintings, to Ancient Roman scripts scrawled on walls, to posting pictures of dinner on Facebook, the need to share with others that which you find important seems innate.

From this course I'm hoping to do two things. First, I'm hoping to feed the historical junkie in me and reflect on the impact that the medium has on the message. Secondly, I'm hoping to find ways better match the form of writing with the intended outcome for my students. Ideally, if I can refine a few strategies about how to better align what type of writing I assign to what type of learning I'm hoping my students take away then I will be quite happy.

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