Hello Everyone,

I chose the above image to represent what I’m hoping to learn the most about from this course. I am a Language Arts teacher and I work with elementary kids with dyslexia. What I used to take for granted, I now see in a different light and am continually searching for methods/technologies that support a Universal Design for Learning model that encompass multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement. I’m hoping that this course will give me insights into how reading and writing with technology effect our decoding/processing of information, what types of online learning platforms are ideal for creating a learning environment for literacy that is multi-sensory (highly visual and audio capabilities), and ideas for accessing levelled electronic books affordably. That’s my wish list!

A little bit about myself..I live in Vancouver with my husband, almost 10 year old son, and 8 month old Goldendoodle puppy. This is my 6th course in the program and I am really excited to learn more about text technologies so that I can support the amazing children that I work with.

Hebaaq Pascal


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