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Hi. I am an elementary teacher at Pangman School in Saskatchewan, Canada. I teach in a multi grade Kindergarten, Grade One and Grade Two classroom. I am currently taking my first MET class. I have my B.Ed. from the University of Regina. I convocated with honours in 2003.

Punctuation and Word Separation

canyoureadthissentenceeasilydoyoufindyourselfreadingaloudtomakesenseofthetext woulditbeeasiertoreadiftherewerespacesbetweenwordsandproperpunctuationifyou wanttoknowmoreaboutthehistoryofpunctuationandwordseparationintextplease continuereadingonmywebpage Punctuation and Word Separation   My project can be viewed at Sabrina

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Learning from Thamus

The following commentary focuses on the opening chapter of Neil Postman’s book Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology. Postman (1992) urges readers to recognize the importance of developing an awareness that the introduction of new technology results in a … Continue reading

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Text and Literacy

This picture grabbed my attention as it depicts a social situation that puzzles me on a regular basis. It has become such a common experience to see people of all ages out and about in social situations with their attention … Continue reading

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