Consensus on OT?

Mongolia’s President, Prime Minister, and Parliament Speaker want progress in OT, not delay.

Today, PM S. Batbold, Parliament Speaker D. Demberel and some members of parliament and cabinet members met with the President Ts. Elbegdorj to discuss current debates over the OT Agreement and the Election Law. President Ts. Elbegdorj backs the Government on OT. According to, the President stated that recent debates over OT Agreement need to stop, and Mongolia needs to exploit OT and get more investment as quickly as possible. Earlier this week at the opening of the Ikh Khural, the Speaker D. Demberel also urged progress in OT. During the meeting the PM S. Batbold said that the Government of Mongolia, Ivenhoe Mines and Rio Tinto are preparing a joint statement on OT. Tomorrow, PM S. Batbold will respond to the petition sent from 20 MPs last month.

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