A Good Day in Mongolia

Today, October 14, 2011, Mongolians are very busy. It is the 17th day of the second month of autumn, an auspicious day in Mongolia’s Buddhist calendar. We call it the day with Baljinnyam and Dashnyam (Buddhist deities) or a double-Nyam day. It has a strong symbolic meaning among Mongolians that this auspicious day will bring good things: happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Many things ranging from a multimillion dollar agreement to political party meetings to haircuts may be scheduled this day (OT Agreement was signed on the same 17th day, which was October 6, 2009). My friend in Mongolia is having his daughter’s haircut ceremony (feast), today. 128 couples will wed at the Ulaanbaatar’s Wedding Palace today starting from 01.40 am until 22.00 pm, which means each couple will have less than half an hour. A happy day for all.

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