Low Voter Turnout

The 2012 Ikh Khural Election saw the lowest rate of voter turnout in years: 65.24%.

Voter Turnout in Ikh Khural Elections since 1992

1992 — 95.6%

1996 — 92.1%

2000 — 82.4%

2004 — 80.6%

2008 — 76.5%

2012 — 65.2%

Voter turnout in Mongolia looks decreased increasingly in the past decade. Unlike previous elections which were organized in weekends the 2012 election was on Thursday (set as an official holiday). It was expected that organizing elections in weekdays will increase voter turnout.

There might be two key reasons for the low voter turnout. First, procedural factors such as voting until 20:00 but not untill 22:00 as in previous elections, the reduced period for election campaigns (30 days), and registration and voting procedures. Second, general disinterest in voting and distrust in candidates and parties.

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