Preliminary Results from General Election Commission: First Past the Post

At 15h this afternoon the General Election Commission held a seemingly interminable press conference announcing preliminary election results. These results continue to be preliminary as some counts have not come in from all election machines (87 counts still missing as of the press conference). I have used these preliminary results that also appear on the website to update the list of winners of first-past-the-post races that were announced by the DP earlier.

Here it is in English (with many thanks to Batbileg for contributing gender info, m=male f=female; tw marks MPs whose Twitter account I have found and listed):

1. Arkhangai
N Batbayar DP m incumb tw
B Bolor DP f new tw

2. Bayan-Olgii
Results still coming in
[Earlier DP announcement:
A Bakei DP m new
A Tleikhan MPP m new]

3. Bayankhongor
Kh Battulga DP m incumb tw
D Ganbat DP m new

4. Bulgan
Results still coming in
[Earlier DP announcement:
Y Otgonbayar MPP m incumb tw]

5. Gobi-Altai
Results still coming in
[Earlier DP announcement:
Ts Damdorj MPP m new]

6. Dorn-Gobi
Sh Batsuur MPP m new

7. Dornod
Results still coming in
[Earlier DP announcement:
N Nomtoibayar MPP m new tw
Kh Bolorchuluun Indep f new]

8. Dund-Gobi
B Narankhuu DP m incumb tw

9. Zavkhlan
Ya Tsanjmyatav DP m new
D Oyunkhorol MPP f incumb

10. Ovorkhangai
S Chinzorig MPP m new
N Tomorkhuu MPP m new

11. Omn-Gobi
D Bat-Erdene DP m new tw

12. Sukhbaatar
Results still coming in
[Earlier DP announcement:
M Zorigt DP m new tw]

13. Selenge
S Bayartsogt DP incumb tw
J Erdenebat MPP new

14. Tov
M Enkhbold MPP m incumb tw
Su Batbold MPP m incumb

15. Uvs
Ch Khurelbaatar MPP m incumb tw
B Choijilsuren MPP m incumb

16. Khovd
S Byambatsogt MPP m incumb tw
D Batsogt MPRP m new

17. Khuvsgul
L Enkh-Amgalan MPP m new
N Davaasuren Indep m new

18. Khentii
B Bat-Erdene MPP m incumb
B Garamgaibaatar DP m new

19. Darkhan-Uul
S Ganbaatar Indep m new tw
D Khayankhyarvaa MPP m incumb tw

20. Orkhon
O Sodbileg MPP m new
L Tsog MPRP m new

21. Khan-Uul
Lu Bold DP m incumb tw
Ts Oyungerel DP f new tw

22. Bayanzurkh
J Batzandan DP m new tw
D Gankhuyag DP m incumb tw
B Batsorig MPP m new

23. Sukhbaatar
Lu Gantumur DP m incumb tw
R Amarjargal DP m incum tw

24. Bayangol
S Erdene DP m incumb
S Odontuya DP f  new tw

25. Songinokhairkhan
D Terbishdagva MPRP m incumb
L Erdenechimeg DP f new
L Erkhembayar DP m new tw

26. Chingeltei
G Uyanga MPRP f new
G Bayarsaikhan DP m incumb

All that would add up to DP 20, MPP 15, MPRP 4, Independent 2, using the GEC figures, including their lack of a call on 7 seats.

Combining the GEC figures with the earlier DP estimates would yield DP 22, MPP 19, MPRP 4, Independent 3.

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