Foreign Policy Roundup #12: November 25-December 8, 2013

Highlights for the last two weeks include the 17th meeting of the Russia-Mongolian Joint Governmental Commission, meetings with the Japanese Ministry of Defense, and new relations with Rwanda and Micronesia.




The Russia-Mongolia Joint Governmental Commission met for the 17th time to discuss cooperation in trade, transportation, science and technology, as well as joint ventures such as the Erdenet cooper mine. They also discussed regional and border issues.



Political Secretary of the Mongolian Ministry of Defense, Z. Boldbaatar, traveled to Japan to meet with his counterpart in the Japanese Defense Ministry. Following the meeting, they announced a new initiatitve to increase cooperation in military engineering and hospitals.

Dr. Julian Dierkes published a very informative chart comparing Mongolia and Myanmar. Following which, Brandon Miliate released an article on the potential for Mongolia-Myanmar relations in The Diplomat.

Mongolia attended the Asia Cooperation Dialogue held in Bahrain.

Diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the Federated States of Micronesia were established.

President Elbegdorj continued his tour of Southeast Asia, meeting with the PM of Singapore, before departing for Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, he attended the Hong Kong-Mongolian Business Forum.


Central Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East

PM Altankhuyag met with the outgoing Indian Ambassador to Mongolia, thanking the ambassador for his work in furthering Indian-Mongolian relations. Following this meeting, he received the incoming Turkish Ambassador to the country. 

Mongolia’s newly assigned ambassador to Uzbekistan, B. Batkhishig, presented his credentials to the Uzbekistani Minister for Foreign Affairs.


Mongolia’s new ambassador to Ireland, N. Tulga, presented his credentials to the Irish President.

L. Bold attended the OSCE Ministerial Council in Kiev, Ukraine.


Latin America

The Mongolian Embassy in Brazil opened last week.



Mongolia established diplomatic relations with Rwanda.



Minister of Foreign Affairs, L. Bold, attended the NATO ISAF meeting.


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