Foreign Policy Roundup #3: June 9-22, 2013

Below you will find the 3rd posting of our bi-weekly series, entitled “Foreign Policy Roundup”. In each roundup, I provide a 1-2 sentence summary of Mongolian foreign policy news, most of which come from Mongolian-language news sites. If you have any suggestions for how these posts might be improved, please do let me know.

Please note, that I am not a native Mongolian speaker, nor am I a professional translator. As such, I would welcome any corrections that others might have to offer. Finally, future postings might be delayed during the month of July, as I will be traveling in Mongolia, often in more remote areas. I will resume regular posting in August.


For summaries of Presidential candidates’ foreign policy proposals, taken straight from their Mongolian-language action plans, please see my previous post, here.


Director of the Finnish Parliament, Eero Heiniluoma, made an official visit to Mongolia. During his stay, he met with the head of the Mongolian Khural, Z. Enhbold, and PM N. Altanhuyag to discuss cooperation in the technological and educational sectors.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, L. Bold, traveled to Japan to participate in Japan’s Global Economic Forum-2013.

Interpol’s General Secretary, Roland Kennet, traveled to Mongolia to meet with Mongolian Minister of Justice, Kh. Temuujin.

Canadian Ambassador Greg Goldhawk announced that Canada would now grant up to a 10 year multiple entry visa to Mongolian citizens.

Japan and Mongolia agree to cooperate on issues related to North Korea, including abductions.

L. Bold traveled to Germany to discuss bilateral cooperation in minerals and technology. Mongolia agreed to allow German citizens 30 days to stay in the country for up to 30 days visa-free

Vuk Jeremic, President of the UN General Assembly, made his first visit to Mongolia.

Mongolian auditors traveled to Turkey to gain experience in the legal and technical issues of their field.

Mongolia established formal diplomatic relations with Antigua and Barbuda. This is part of a larger strategy for Mongolia to establish diplomatic relations with all UN member states.

UK-based news agency, The Telegraph, reported that Tony Blair is now a consultant for the Mongolian government. His experience in international diplomacy at previous consulting in the region under his company, Tony Blair Associates, is stressed.



Mongol Bank released its Trade Review, outlining Mongolia’s trade statistics up to May 2013.



Political Secretary of the Mongolian Ministry of Defense, Gen. Z. Boldbaatar, arrived in Germany for the 10th advisory meeting between the Mongolian and German defense departments.


Ex-Pat Mongolians

On June 14th, Mongolians living abroad casted their votes for the 2013 Mongolian Presidential Election.

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