Foreign Policy Roundup #6: Sept. 2-15, 2013

Missed something in Mongolian foreign policy news over the past two weeks or just need to review the headlines? Below you will find brief summaries of news in foreign affairs, translated from Mongolian-language news sources, and organized by region.


Central Asia

The Director of the Mongolian Parliament, Z. Enkhbold, received Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Mongolia, K. I. Koblandin. The ambassador noted Kazakhstan’s intention to further engage with Mongolia and that he hoped both countries would support each other in international organizations, ahead of Kazakhstan’s membership on the UN Security Council in 2017-2018.

President Elbegdorj attended the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.



Z. Enkhbold met with the President of the European Development Bank, on his official visit to Ulaanbaatar. Since joining the organization in 2006, the Bank has arranged over $1 billion in direct investment and loans to the country.

The first meeting of the French-Mongolian Governmental Cooperation Group was declared a success. Among other things, they discussed the fact that a French company had won the contract for the development of a new power station.

The Prime Minister of Belarus made an official visit to Mongolia. Mongolia’s relations with Belarus have been making headlines lately with visa liberalization and a technology agreement between the two countries coming to light recently. During the visit a new agreement on cooperation on military-technology was signed.

Mongolian diplomatic passport holders will now be allowed to stay in Italy up to 90 days without a visa.

Tony Blair visited Mongolia to consult with government on policy issues ranging from education and health to foreign direct investment.

G. Tsogtsaihan, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, met with Spain’s Minster of Foreign Affairs in Madrid, where they discussed their bilateral relations in the context of Mongolia’s security cooperation with the European Union.

Mongolia’s Ambassador to Serbia presented her credentials to the Serbian President. During the meeting, she expressed Mongolia’s wish for increased societal and economic relations with the country.

A meeting on EU-Mongolian cooperation was held in the Government Palace.



PM N. Altanhuyag began his first official international tour in Japan. During his trip, he met with representatives of the Mongolian-Japanese Economic Commission. Following the meeting, the Japanese Cooperation Bank announced that it would be extending an 8 billion yen loan to Mongolia. In the final days of the visit, he met with representatives of the Japanese Parliament, and the Japanese Emperor. He also met with Mongolian citizens working and studying in Japan. Finally, he signed a new official agreement between the countries outlining their strategic partnership for the next five years.


Middle East and Africa

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs circulated an internal memo condemning the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and expressed a hope that fighting would be stopped and solution between all sides be found.

As part of Mongolia’s goal to establish diplomatic relations with all members of the UN, relations with Togo were formally established on September 6 in New York.



Minister of Foreign Affairs, L. Bold, met with a series of new ambassadors, including those from Spain, Argentina, Greece, Brazil, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Columbia.

Director of Parliament, Z. Enkhbold, met with representatives from 14 countries to exchange opinions on various facets of Mongolian policy, including domestic matters.

The World Economic Forum hosted a Strategic Dialogue on the Future of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar on Sept 15.

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3 Responses to Foreign Policy Roundup #6: Sept. 2-15, 2013

  1. Demoux says:

    Dear Miliate,
    I just wanted to warn you that French Prime minister Laurent Fabius didn’t have visited Mongolia those days. He did planned a 2-days visit but he had to cancel it at the very last moment in order to stay in Paris and to hold a meeting with John Kerry about Syria this Monday morning.
    Anyway, I still enjoy reading your Foreign policy roundup every time you publish it.

    • miliate says:


      Thank you for noting that issue. I had read the announcement that the PM would be visiting on 15th, and decided to post the news. In the future, I will be sure and try to confirm any article in the future tense.



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