Foreign Policy Roundup #7: September 16-29, 2013

It was a busy week in the world of Mongolian diplomacy with both President Elbegdorj and Minister of Foreign Affairs L. Bold attending the 68th Session of the United Nations this past week. I have provided a break down of their activities below. As always, if I have missed anything please do let me know.



At the 68th Session of the UN: 

While attending the UN General meeting, Mongolian President Elbegdorj:


Minster of Foreign Affairs, L. Bold:

Mongolia announced the establishment of diplomatic relations with Sierra Leone.



The OSCE Institute at the University of Hamburg and the Mongolian Institute for Strategic Studies conducted an open training session for civil servants, NGOs, and researchers

Mongolia’s new ambassador to San Marino presented his credentials to the San Marino government.


North America

The Mongolian Consul-General in San Francisco, California met with the state assembly member, Tom Ammiano, to discuss Mongolian social and economic topics.

Mongolian Minister of Development, N. Batbayar, and the U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia, Piper Campbell, signed an agreement, which authorized a financial package of $5.1 USD to the Mongolian government. This additional funding was the direct result of the newly signed US-Mongolia Transparency Agreement.

Leader of the Mongolian Parliament, Z. Enkhbold, met with the Director of the Mongolian-North American Business Council to discuss foreign direct investment, future mining plans, environmental issues, and green development strategies.



Several Mongolian Parliament members met with Singaporean representatives of the international financial consulting firm, KPMG.

The Mongolian-North Korean Consultation Commission met in Pyongyang.


Neighbors (China and Russia)

L. Bold met with the Russian Ambassador to Mongolia to discuss the Russian-Mongolian strategic partnership.

Mongolia’s Minster of Defense, D. Bat-Erdene, traveled to China to conduct official negotiations on military and technical cooperation. During the negotiations, they discussed Asia-Pacific security issues more broadly, and North Korean issues specifically. The visit ended with the signing of a MoU on the future of their cooperation and strategic partnership.

On the invitation of Ts. Oyungerel, China’s Minister of Culture made an official visit to Mongolia. After meeting with a delegation from Mongolia’s Sport, Culture, and Tourism Ministry, he met with the Chinese ambassador to Mongolia. Before leaving he and Oyungerel signed a protocol on “Organizing 2014 Cultural Relations Days.”

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