Foreign Policy Roundup #17: April 28- May 11, 2014

Highlights from this week include Gankhuyag’s tour of Southeast Asia, several newly appointed ambassadors, and the election of Mongolia to head the international “Freedom Online Coalition.”


On the invitation of Mongolian Minister of Finance, Ch. Ulaan, the Chinese Minister of Finance made an official visit to Mongolia.

The Deputy Chairman of the Mongolian Parliament and Director of the Mongolian People’s Party, M. Enkhbold, received the Russian Ambassador to Mongolia. During the meeting, they discussed M. Enkhbold’s upcoming trip to participate in the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

The Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Director of Neighbor Relations, T. Togsbilguun, participated in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization “6+5” meeting. Mongolia is an official observer in the SCO.


The Japanese Minister of Infrastructure, Transportation, and Tourism made an official visit to Mongolia, at which time he met with Mongolian Transportation Minister A. Gansukh. The Japanese government has financed the development of some of Mongolia’s key highways, and is a key partner in the building of the new international airport. The Minister also expressed that Japanese companies were interested in obtaining a share of the “Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi” coal mine. 

Mongolian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, D. Gankhuyag traveled to Laos to meet with the Lao Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Tonglun Sisulit. During their meeting, D. Gankhuyag discussed Mongolia’s engagement in the Asia-Pacific and its desire to become a member of the ASEAN Dialogue Partners. Laos and Mongolia have a long history of good relations, developed largely during the communist period.

Following his trip to Laos, D. Gankhuyag made an official visit to Vietnam, for official consultations between the two countries’ Ministries of Foreign Affairs.


Africa and the Middle East

After returning from his tour of Southeast Asia, D. Gankhuyag received the South African Ambassador to Mongolia. As Mongolia and South Africa prepare to mark 20 years of diplomatic relations, the two countries are increasingly looking to each other as models of resource development.

Member of Parliament and Director of the Mongolia-Kuwait Parliamentary Group S. Erdene and S. Batbold had an audience with the Kuwaiti Emir. During the meeting, the two sides expressed interest in deepening Mongolian-Kuwaiti relations in all sectors.


Europe and North America 

Mongolia’s newly appointed ambassador to Germany, Ts. Bolor, presented his credentials to the German Federal President. This year, Mongolia and Germany will mark 40 years of diplomatic relations.

Following the meeting of the “Freedom Online Coalition”, L. Bold took the opportunity to met with the Estonian Director of Parliament.

Mongolian Parliamentary Member, A. Bakey, met with representatives from the Swiss Development Agency. The Swiss Development Agency is preparing a number of aid/investment packages to Mongolia.

Mongolia’s newly appointed ambassador of Canada, R. Altangerel, presented his credentials to the Canadian Governor General.



Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs, L. Bold, participated in the international “Freedom Online Coalition” met in Estonia. During the proceedings, Mongolia was elected to lead the organization next year.

The Mongolian Minister of Population Development and Social Protection, S. Erdene, met with the Director of the International Labor Organization.



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