Foreign Policy Roundup #18: May 12-26, 2014

Highlights for the past few weeks include: Putin meets with the Mongolian President at the Confidence Building Measures in Asia international forum and with Mongolian Prime Minister N. Altankhuyag at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.



Mongolian Prime Minister N. Altankhuyag is traveling to St. Petersburg to represent Mongolia at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This year, Western opposition to current developments in Russian foreign policy has affected the Forum, with 40% lower international attendance. Western opposition has also put Mongolia’s relations with the Russian Federation in a tense position, highlighted by N. Altankhuyag’s meeting with President Putin during the event.

During the Confidence Building Measures in Asia meeting Shanghai, Mongolian President Elbegdorj and Russian President Putin had a meeting, during which they discussed bilateral relations.

Mongolian Minister of Law, X. Temuujin invited the Chinese Deputy Law Minister to exchange ideas on cooperation in the fields of law and rights.



Mongolia’s newly appointed ambassador to Moldova, L. Dugerjav, presented his credentials to the Moldovan President.

Mongolia’s Ambassador to the European Union, Kh. Davaadorj, participated in a conference held for the opening of a new East Asian Studies Center in the Netherlands at Gronigen University.

As Mongolia and Sweden mark 50 years of diplomatic relations, Sweden’s non-resident ambassador made an official visit to Ulaanbaatar.

L. Bold met with the British Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss international developments ranging from Afghanistan and Ukraine to North Korea.


Middle East

Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs, L. Bold, received the Israeli Ambassador to Mongolia to discuss the two countries’ bilateral relations and congratulated the ambassador on the Israeli National Day.

North America

In preparation for the 2015 conference on Nuclear Nonproliferation, Mongolian representatives met with the 5 nuclear states’ in New York. The representatives made particular note of Mongolia’s non-nuclear status.

Minister L. Bold met with US Senators Steve Shabet and Steven Lynch during the Mongolian leg of their Asian tour.


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