Notable Candidates

By Julian Dierkes, Marissa J. Smith and Bulgan B

Below are some of the notable individual candidates running in the election. “Notable” in this context means individuals who are known to us to have played a prominent role in politics in the past or who are otherwise notable to us. That includes all current cabinet members, for example, but is not limited to them (even for the MPP). Obviously, this is a pretty loose criterion, but some of these individuals are worth pointing to in terms of party choices to nominate them at all and to nominate them for party lists vs. direct election seats.


  • D Amarbayasgalan, constituency 2. General Secretary of the MPP and current Cabinet Secretary.
  • S Amarsaikhan, constituency 13. “Mayor” (Governor) of UB.
  • B Bat-Erdene, constituency 4. Minister of Environment and Tourism.
  • J Bat-Erdene, constituency 4. Former Minister of Roads and Transportation.
  • E Batshugar, constituency 11. Son of former president N Enkhbayar.
  • B Battsetseg, constituency 2. Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • D Bum-Ochir, party list place 15. He is an anthropologist who received his PhD from Cambridge. He has been Cultural and Religious Policy Advisor to Pres. Khurelsukh for the past three years.
  • S Byambatsogt, constituency 2. Minister of Roads and Transport.
  • G Damdinnyam, constituency 5. Past Mongolia Focus author.
  • S Chinzorig, constituency 1. Minister of Health.
  • Ts Davaasuren, constituency 4. Minister of Construction and Urban Development.
  • B Dulguun, party list place 25. Deputy Director of Mongolbank.
  • J Ganbaatar, constituency 9. Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry.
  • B Javkhlan, constituency 5. Minister of Finance.
  • Ch Khurelbaatar, constituency 2. Deputy PM and Minister of Economy and
  •  Development.
  • Ch Nomin, constituency 11. Minister of Culture. Daughter of director of Gatsuurt conglomerate.
  • L Oyun-Erdene, constituency 6. Prime Minister
  • R Regdel, party list place 5. former head of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences
  • G Saikhanbayar, constituency 1. Minister of Defense.
  • T Sainjargal, party list place 33. Deputy Director of Erdenes Mongol LLC [Tavan Tolgoi]
  • L Soronzonbold, constituency 6. Director of M Bank
  • D Tsogtbaatar, constituency 10. former Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • B Tsogtgerel, constituency 10, known as Шилэн/Glass Tsogoo for his investigations using glass/transparency account law.
  • N Uchral, constituency 10. Minister of Digital Development and Communications.
  • G Zandanshatar, constituency 1. Speaker of Parliament


  • N Altankhuyag, constituency 11. Former Prime Minister of Mongolia, 2012-2014, and senior advisor to President Battulga, 2017-2019. In 2020-2024 Parliament, independent MP representing Erdenet/Orkhon Aimag (now in constituency 4)
  • R Amarjargal, party list 19. Former Prime Minister, 1999-2000, MP 2004-2016
  • M Amarjin, constituency 11, comedian and prominent protestor
  • O Baasankhuu, constituency 10, former MPRP leader
  • Kh Battulga, constituency 4. Former President of Mongolia, 2017-2021, and Minister of Roads and Transportation, 2008-2012
  • J Batzandan, constituency 4. Democratic Party MP, 2016-2020, founding member of Shine Esvel (political party/movement)
  • S Erdene, constituency 9. former head of Democratic Party, 2016-2023
  • S Ganbaatar, independent presidential candidate, 2017
  • L Gantumur, party list 1. head of Democratic Party
  • Ch Lodoisambuu, constituency 12, journalist (“Ulaan Bal”)
  • L Munkhbayasgalan, constituency 7, journalist (“Tsenzurgui Yaria”)
  • E Odbayar, party list 11. founding member and leader of Demos Party
  • Kh Temuujin, party list 9. Former Minister of Justice
  • M Tulgat, constituency 8, candidate for the head of DP during the 2021


  • T Dorjhand, party list 1, Head of the KhUN, MP
  • B Naidalaa, party list 2, co-founder of the KhUN
  • G Javkhlantugs, party list 15. Director of Policy and Advocacy, American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia

Other Parties

  • Ts Oyungerel, constituency 12. Former Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports and DP MP
  • N Nomtoibayar, Former MPP, and founder of the National Coalition (*as of 6/13, Nomtoibayar is not listed as a candidate according to

So far, we have identified 25 candidates from MPP, 14 from DP, 3 from KhUN, and, two from Other parties. We will continue to reflect the lists as we continue to monitor the candidates.

Sources for this post include:

M. Khulan, [“From the current Parliament, 54 members are being nominated again”], Lemon Press, May 21, 2024,

Sanders, Alan J. K., Historical Dictionary of Mongolia, Fourth Edition, Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, 2017.

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