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What are SMEs and the SME Fund?

By Marissa J. Smith Asking questions about the international politics of the Mongolian economy After reading the South China Morning Post article on the SME scandal, I decided to look more closely at the company profiled, Mongolian Charcoal. I soon … Continue reading

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Changes in Northeast Asia – What Impact on Mongolia

New publication: Julian Dierkes and Mendee Jargalsaikhan. 2018. “Mongolia in an Emerging Northeast Asian Region“, Mongolian Journal of International Affairs, 20: 91-100.

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6-Year Anniversary and Welcome Marissa Smith

By Julian Dierkes Unbelievable! We’ve been blogging here for six years now! That means that almost 100,000 users (93,500) have looked at over of a quarter of a million of posts (277,000). They’ve selected among over 480 posts. The most … Continue reading

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Five Years of Mongolia Focus

By Julian Dierkes We posted our first blog on July 29, 2011. The idea to blog grew out of discussions that Mendee, Byamba and I were having almost every day at the office. Social developments in Mongolia, current politics, curious … Continue reading

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Transparency and My Independence

By Julian Dierkes Mongolian Since around 2014, I have increasingly been asked why I am interested in Mongolia. As my interest is academic and curiosity-driven, I thought it best to offer a discussion of my independence in providing analyses of contemporary Mongolia, … Continue reading

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Судлаачын хараат бус байдал

Монголыг яагаад сонирхож эхлэх болсон талаар 2014 оны үеээс хүмүүс надаас илүүтэйгээр асуух боллоо. Миний хувьд эрдэм шинжилгээ болон  өөрийн-сонирхолдоо хөтлөгдөж, орчин үеийн Монголын болон ялангуяа ирж буй 2016 оны сонгуулийн дүн шинжилгээнүүдийг хараат бусаар хийдэг гэдгээ тайлбарлах нь зөв … Continue reading

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National Survey of Mongolian Public Opinion

By Bulgan B and Julian Dierkes Just three weeks after Santmaral’s PolitBarometer came out, we have another indicator of Mongolian public opinion, courtesy of IRI with funding from the Canadian government, the “National Survey of Mongolian Public Opinion”. (Full Results … Continue reading

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Julian Dierkes: Яагаад Монголыг сонирхдог болов?

[See the English version as well. Thanks to Mendee for translation, and Bulgan for edits.] Зарим үед хүмүүс надад Монголын тухай энгийн асуулт тавьж алддаг. Учир би нэг яриад эхлэвэл сэтгэл маань хөөрөөд, намайг зогсооход ч төвөгтэй болно. Яагаад ингэдэг … Continue reading

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Where did my Interest in Mongolia Come from?

By Julian Dierkes Sometimes people make the mistake to ask me a seemingly straight-forward question about Mongolia. Well, once I get talking, I get pretty excited and it’ll be hard to stop me. So, why is that? Why am I … Continue reading

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Berkeley Conference “Deadly Modernity”

By Julian Dierkes The Mongolia Initiative at UC Berkeley’s Institute of East Asian Studies hosted a conference entitled “Deadly Modernity: The Environmental Crisis Behind Mongolia’s Swift Development” March 10-12, 2016. I don’t think anyone was tweeting from the conference, but … Continue reading

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Mongolia Doubleheader March 18 “Rinks of Hope” & Amb. Ed Jager

On March 18, the Program on Inner Asia at UBC will host an afternoon of Mongolia events. Conference Room (Room 120) CK Choi Bldg for the Institute of Asian Research 1855 West Mall 16-17h Film Screening “Rinks of Hope” When … Continue reading

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UBC Outreach Event: CIRDI’s IMAGinE Mongolia Activities

Thursday, February 4, 2016, 15-16:30h Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia 1855 West Mall, Room 120 Vancouver IMAGinE Mongolia Outreach You are invited to learn about the “Integrated Management and Governance in Extractives (IMAGinE) Mongolia” project from the … Continue reading

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A Potential Breakthrough in Mongolia’s Relations With North and South Korea

By Mendee Jargalsaikhan Mongolia takes a resolutely middle road when it comes to North and South Korea. It values its long-standing relations with the North while developing its newly-declared strategic partnership with the South. Due to its geographic location, wedged … Continue reading

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Mongolia – From Sino-Russian Buffer to Conversion Zone

Last autumn, Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin made separate visits to Mongolia, met for a tri-lateral (Russia-China-Mongolia) summit in the Tajikistan capital of Dushanbe during the leadership summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and dispatched their vice-foreign ministers … Continue reading

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A Little Correction to Mr. Enkhsaikhan’s Push for Constitutional Reform

Coinciding with the birth of New Prime Minister, Mr. Enkhsaikhan, former Prime Minister and one of the political heavyweights, made an interesting presentation at the research workshop on the “Constitutional Reform” – link. He was sharing his view on creating a … Continue reading

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