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Rosneft Pipelines to and Through Mongolia

Events in Ukraine create both uncertainties and opportunities in Ulaanbaatar. A changing balance of power in Europe and closer ties between two regional powers, Russia and China, certainly create new uncertainty for Mongolia. With their country’s “regionless” fate of living … Continue reading

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Foreign Policy Implications of Mongolian Crony Democracy

Though considered a healthy—albeit developing—democracy, Mongolia has in recent years become dominated by the competing interests of its political and business factions, whose collective actions undermine the country’s democratization trends as well as complicate Ulaanbaatar’s foreign policy. For now, Mongolia … Continue reading

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Visas, Medicine, Education: Feeling Chinese Soft Power in Mongolia

China has been gradually increasing its soft power in neighbouring Mongolia, from offers of visa-free travel to access to its medical facilities, and most recently, growing educational opportunities in China for Mongolians. These policies have gone far in diminishing deep-seated … Continue reading

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Mongolian Defense Diplomacy

Over the last few months, Mongolia has hosted or taken part in several multi-national military exercises with the aim to develop the Mongolian army’s peacekeeping abilities, as well as a way to leverage military-to-military ties as a tool of diplomacy. … Continue reading

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Anatomy of the Current Economic Crisis

Having spent last week in Ulaanbaatar, it is clear to me that the current crisis is a) more severe than I had thought, and b) more real/less perceived than I had thought. Below, I try to list elements in this … Continue reading

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Foreign Policy Roundup #4: July 28-August 4, 2013

The Foreign Policy Roundup returns, after a 2 month hiatus! As a reminder, in these bi-weekly posts I provide a brief summary of Mongolia’s international affairs developments over the past two weeks. (Most of the stories are from Mongolian-language sources, … Continue reading

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Udval Election Platform

Speculation about some kind of Udval retreat notwithstanding, based on information contributed by and co-written with Brian White at The Mongolist, we discuss Udval’s election platform here. Broad Goals Similar to the other candidates, Minister of Health N Udval intends … Continue reading

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Why Mongolia’s China Mining Strategy is NOT a Mistake!

Mendee J replies to recent WSJ blog post regarding Mongolia’s strategy vis-a-vis Chinese investments. Continue reading

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Sec. Hillary Clinton has finally Arrived…in UB

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton came to Ulaanbaatar and demonstrated why Mongolia matters: democracy is rare in the immediate neighbourhour. Continue reading

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Impressions for the DP Rally in Yarmag

Julian and I have just returned from the Democratic Party Rally in Yarmag, Han-Uul District where the party’s two Parliamentary candidates L. Bold and Ts. Oyungerel as well as E. Bat-Uul, running for UB Parliament, made speeches in support of … Continue reading

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Less Visibility for Mongolian Ultra-Nationalists

I remember being shocked during my first trip to Mongolia in 2008 when walking along Peace Avenue, I saw a car belong to the unofficial political group/gang Blue Mongol (Хөх Монгол) sporting a prominent and rather taboo swastika. After asking … Continue reading

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Mongolia FAQ: Presentations Summaries and Video Record

Listing of presentations at recent “Mongolia FAQ” panel presentation with links to summaries and (forthcoming) video record. Continue reading

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Presentation Summary: Mongolian Perspectives on China

At a December 16, 2011 panel presentation “FAQ Mongolia” MENDEE Jargalsaikhan discussed attitudes towards China in Mongolia. Continue reading

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Dalai Lama on Surprise Visit to Mongolia

The surprise visit of the Dalai Lama to Mongolia is highly likely to prompt an angry reaction from China, but is highly significant to Mongolian Buddhists. Continue reading

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Asia Pacific Memo on the Impact of the Xinhai Revolution on Mongolia

How Tibet and Mongolia declared their independence following the Xinhai Revolution. Continue reading

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