Election Set for June 28 2012

Apparently, Thursday, June 28 has now been picked as the date for the parliamentary election in Mongolia.

That is after the dates that had been originally envisioned (June 20 or 27), perhaps to give the national election commission some more time for preparations.

Mongolians living abroad will vote June 10.

While Ulaanbaatar city elections will be held on the same day, the soum and aimag elections will not be, even though that had been proposed in the name of administrative efficiency. Ulaanbaatar city elections will be run using a mixed direct/proportional election system that is modelled on the system that will be used for the Ikh Khural.

Assuming that the three-week campaign period is still in place, that would suggest that the campaign will begin on June 7. Six weeks from today.

[Many thanks to Tsogtbaatar Byambaa for updating me on this.]

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