Foreign Policy Roundup #11: November 11-24, 2013

Highlights in this edition of the Foreign Policy Roundup: President Elbegdorj’s trip to Southeast Asia, new ambassadorial appointments, and meetings with the Queen of England.




Mongolia’s Deputy Minister of Parliament and Director of the Mongolian-Russian Parliamentary Group attended the International Parliamentary Forum hosted by Moscow.


Asia Pacific

A new society-organization has been created to highlight Mongolia’s good relations with Japan: The Japan-Mongolia International Friendship Society. The organization is focused on culture and the arts and was established by Japanese morin huur/horse-head fiddle players and students.

Mongolian President Elbegdorj is traveling in Southeast Asia from November 18-29. The focus would seem to be on improving relations with Myanmar, Vietnam, and Singapore. His visit to Myanmar was particularly productive, with the release of a joint statement (in English), delivered a speech at the University of Yangon, and met with a number of officials in Naypyidaw. A detailed account of the itinerary can be found here.

The 5th Mongolian Investment Forum was held in Hong Kong. With pending major investment reform in the country, investors are eager to (re)enter the Mongolian market.


Central Asia

The General Secretary for Administration of the Mongolian Parliament, B. Boldbaatar met with the organizer for the Eurasian division of the Revenue Watch Institute to exchange views on the implementation of transparency initiatives from natural resource investments.


The political secretary of the Polish Ministry of Defense made an official visit to Mongolia. Poland is looking to increase defense cooperation with Mongolia as part of NATO outreach activities. During the meeting with L. Bold, Poland was cited as a key third neighbor for Mongolia in Europe.

Mongolia’s Ambassador to Great Britain, N. Tulga, was invited to an audience with the Queen.

President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barrozo, made an official visit to Mongolia. This is the highest-ranking visit from the E.U. to visit Mongolia. During the visit, he officially extended an invitation for Mongolia to join the GSP+ process, which would allow Mongolia to pay lower duties on exports to the E.U.


North America

The Mongolian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, D. Gankhuyag, attended the ninth meeting of the United States-Mongolian consultation process.


Middle East and Africa

Mongolia’s secretary for security affairs consultation, Ts. Enkhtuvhsin, traveled to Turkey to meet the Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs, and discuss security cooperation.

Formal diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Uganda were established on November 20.


The newly appointed ambassadors to Mongolia from Russia, Kuwait, and Turkey presented their credentials to the Mongolian President.

UNESCO has announced its support for the Mongolian proposed initiative for democratic education.


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