Tweet-Up in Ulaanbaatar

I am inviting my Mongolian Twitter followers (and others interested) to meet in person on Friday, June 21st at 16:30h, at the American Center for Mongolian Studies in Ulaanbaatar (Rm 306, Center 34 Building, near Zanabazar Museum, location).

Topics I will be happy to discuss (auch auf Deutsch, 日本語でもいい):

  • this blog: areas we should write more about, analyses that we’ve got wrong, etc.
  • the election, of course
  • study in Canada, at the Univ of British Columbia, and in Asia Pacific Policy Studies

About Julian Dierkes

Julian Dierkes is a sociologist by training (PhD Princeton Univ) and a Mongolist by choice and passion since around 2005. He teaches in the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He tweets @jdierkes
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