Foreign Policy Roundup #20: June 9- 22, 2014

By Brandon Miliate

A big couple of weeks in Mongolian foreign affairs with the first “Ulaanbaatar Dialogues” held to discuss security issues in East Asia, the President of Latvia making an official visit, and Mongolia’s participation in the ILO and ARF meetings.




On the invitation of Parliamentary Director Z. Ekhbold, the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko, made an official visit to Mongolia.

The Mongolian and Russian Ministries of Foreign Affairs held their 8th consultative meeting.


Central Asia

Director of the Mongolian General Election Commission, Ch. Sodnomtseren met with the Kyrgyz Ambassador to Mongolia.

L. Bold met with Uzbekistan’s newly appointed ambassador to Mongolia.



L. Bold met with representatives from Japan in the seventh session of meetings regarding the Mongolia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).



The President of Latvia made an official visit to Mongolia. During his visit official meetings were held with Mongolian President Elbegdorj, PM N. Altankhuyag, and Minister of Foreign Affairs L. Bold. Ideas regarding small state foreign policy were also on the agenda.

Mongolia’s newly appointed ambassador to Denmark, Z. Altai, presented his credentials to the Queen of Denmark.

Both the Mongolian and German sides of the Mongolia-Germany Parliamentary Working Groups met in Ulaanbaatar to discuss their bilateral relations.

Mongolia’s Justice Minister, X. Temuujin made an official visit to Germany to meet with the German Minister of Internal Affairs.


Latin America

Mongolia and Columbia held their first consultative meeting in Bogota. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs D. Gankhuyag met with his counterpart in the Columbia government and discussed issues ranging from mining and development to tourism and industrialization.

D. Gankhuyag made an official visit to Brazil, where he met with the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

L. Bold received the Mexican Ambassador to Mongolia.


North America

Mongolia’s Ambassador the United States, B. Altangerel signed a contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs, requiring the U.S. to return dinosaur fossils illegally removed from the territory of Mongolia.



PM N. Altankhuyag was invited by the President of the ILO to the Convention on Labor and Social Security held in Geneva to present the Mongolian government’s “Employed and Profitable Mongolian” program. 

Last year at the meeting of the Community of Democracies, President Elbegdorj announced the creation of the “Ulaanbaatar Dialogues”, modeled after the “Helsinki Process” as a forum to discuss issues in East Asia. Since Mongolia enjoys friendly relations with all East Asian states, President Elbegdorj expressed that Mongolia would be an ideal location for such a forum. The first meeting was held June 17-18, 2014.

Mongolia’s permanent representative to ASEAN, Ts. Jambaldorj, participated in the annual ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) held in Yangon, Myanmar. Ts. Jambaldorj remarked on Myanmar’s successful directorship of ASEAN over the past year.

D. Gankhuyag participated in the G77+China Summit, held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

MP D. Battsog received the UN Population Fund advisor Katrin Schneider and representatives from the National Gender Commission.

Minister S. Oyun has been nominated for the position of Director of the UN Environmental Assembly (UNEA).


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