Guessing the Next PM

By Julian Dierkes

In response to some discussions on Twitter, I now offer this prediction board in three categories, time to election of new PM, coalition that will elect the new PM, and the new PM.

While individuals may choose to enter into private wagers on these matters, my employer, I, and anyone putting their name down for an option do not condone illegal gambling.

Remember that I’m collecting guesses of who will be elected how, not endorsements. These are not opinions on who should be PM, but guesses as to who will be.

Time to Election of PM

Before Nov 14: @MBBontoi | @SJJargalsaikhan | @temuulen384

Nov 15-21: @jdierkes | @TsogtbaatarB | @Taitamco | 

Nov 22-28: @ncousyn

After Nov 28: Jangar | @civicmongolia

PM Elected

N Altankhuyag:

R Amarjargal@SJJargalsaikhan

M Batchimeg

E Bat-Uul: Jangar | @swickhamsmith

S Bayartsogt@altanalim (1/2)

D Dorligjav: @TsogtbaatarB (1/3)

M Enkhbold:

Z Enkbold: @TsogtbaatarB (1/3) | @JamesMNHarris | @altanalim (1/2) | @temuulen384 (1/2) | @allysonseaborn
[Note that Enkhbold has ruled himself out!]

L Gantumuur@ebulgand (1/2)

Ch Saikhanbileg@lutaa01 | @ebulgand (1/2) | @TsogtbaatarB (1/3) | @Taitamco | @temuulen384 (1/2) | @MBBontoi | @civicmongolia

Coalition Electing PM

DP-Justice Coalition-CWGP: @MBBontoi

DP-MPP: @TsogtbaatarB | @jdierkes | @Taitamco  | @temuulen384


MPP-other parties:

Your Guess?

Join the fun and tweet your guess using #MGLpoli to mark your guess. I’ll try to keep track of guesses tweeted with that hashtag.

November 21 2014: The Results

Barring yet another twist & turn, the Nov 21 election of Saikhanbileg by the continuing coalition of DP + Justice Coalition + CWGP means the following guesses were winning guesses:

Time to Election of PM

Nov 15-21: @jdierkes | @TsogtbaatarB | @Taitamco | 

PM Elected

Ch Saikhanbileg@lutaa01 | @ebulgand | @TsogtbaatarB | @Taitamco | @temuulen384 | @MBBontoi | @civicmongolia

Coalition Electing PM

DP-Justice Coalition-CWGP: @MBBontoi


About Julian Dierkes

Julian Dierkes is a sociologist by training (PhD Princeton Univ) and a Mongolist by choice and passion since around 2005. He teaches in the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He toots and tweets @jdierkes
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3 Responses to Guessing the Next PM

  1. Tsogoo says:

    Time-will be nominated this week to be formalized in another 2 weeks.
    PM candidates-Z.E, Ch.Saikhanbileg,Dorligjav
    Coalition-DP, MPP

  2. Jangar says:

    I think it will be Bat-Uul.
    Hopefully PM will be elected until lunar new year.

  3. Jangar says:

    Looks like it will be Amarjargal.

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