S Ganbaatar’s Election Platform

Translation by Bulgan B

Below we’re offering a translation of S Ganbaatar’s presidential campaign platform. We also hope to post translations of the other two platforms.

By providing an English translation, we want to make information available to non-Mongolian readers to allow them to get a sense of S Ganbaatar (and the others) as a candidate. We have attempted to translate the platform to the best of our ability, but not to linguistic, rather to substantive standards.

If you have any comments on the translation, please do use the comment function below.

MPRP 2017 Presidential Election Candidate Sainkhuu GANBAATAR’s Election Platform

“To begin a grand journey”

Slogan: Let’s choose Mongolia (Монголоо сонгоё)

  1. To rid of unemployment and poverty by walking the talk
  2. To establish Justice
  3. To worship the higher public interests
  4. To take pride in being born Mongolian
  5. To increase the worth of “Mongolian person”
  6. To reach success by resolving pressing challenges
  7. To own “the three beautiful”
  8. To match the word and action
  9. To begin a grand journey

Part One

An issue: One of the most pressing challenges of today is the gap between the election promises made by the political parties and their action after the election. Citizens criticize that this gap is making the government irresponsible thus demanding it to be fixed.

An issue: According to the citizens, unemployment is one of the main factors that outrage the public. The current government could not resolve this pressing challenge in an urgent manner and unemployment has been increasing over 10%. Therefore, the unemployment, directly and indirectly causing despair in our society, leading many good Mongolian (youth – залуус) to abandon their motherland to pursue employment and income in other countries.

An issue: As the political, social and economic crisis deepens the income of the public is reduced, making the poverty as the most pressing challenge according to researches published by research organizations such as “sant maral”.  According to a research, people in poverty and families in poverty cannot purchase more than most basic necessities, hardly surviving, let alone planning their future. In order to get out of this political, social and economic crisis, everyone should get into action of:

  • Making the government accountable;
  • Reducing and eliminating unemployment;
  • Reducing and eradicating poverty.

Part Two: To Establish Justice

An issue: Today, citizens see that because of unemployment and poverty, the gap between the rich and poor is increasing, and relatively well-off middle class is decreasing which illustrates the loss of justice and therefore creating environment which would cause a loss of social stability. Especially, the offshore account issues are causing a major public outrage.

An issue: Citizens see that establishing justice means returning the money deposited in offshore accounts back to Mongolia, spending that money in resolving the pressing issues of economy and society, receiving equal benefit of natural resources, improving the condition to study in higher education, expanding the healthcare quality and scope, reducing the public service bureaucracy, fairness in legal and judiciary organizations activities. The time has come that the government, officials see, listen and understand that the public is demonstrating, protesting en masse to establish this kind of justice. Behind this fight, the question of whether the justice would be established in Mongolia is being raised and therefore every Mongolian person should speak out for justice which has historical significance of equalizing the fate of the Mongolians.

Part Three: To Worship the Higher Public Interests

An issue: All Mongolians are publicly aspiring “To ” and deep in their heart feel and understand that “If don’t part now, it will be late”.  The roots of the success in reaching this aspiration is to put the party interests to the back and Mongolians interests in priority. So, Mongolians can the his/her, his/her family, and his/her children’s fate.

Part Four: To Take Pride in Being Born Mongolian

An issue: Although , we are united under the sacred name Mongolia and take pride in being born Mongolian. Since the ancient time Mongolians worshiped justice, and did not tolerate injustice which made us stand out from others. We are truly Mongolians therefore are obliged to serve the deed of re-establishing justice which is rare in Mongolia now.

An issue: Strong and solid unity founded on justice, intensive development policy founded on strong and solid unity, vigorous activities founded on intensive development policy, “match of word and action” in Mongolia:

  1. Reforming and founding accountable government;
  2. Solidly establishing justice;
  3. Eliminating unemployment;
  4. Eradicating poverty.

An issue: Consequently, Mongolian youth would be provided with employment reliably and would have a guaranteed income. They would not need to abandon their mother land to chase job and income. Thus, Mongolian family and Mongolian public will be complete (unbroken, or whole).

Part Five: To Increase the Worth of “Mongol Hun”

An issue: Because politics, society and economy are in crisis, the worth of “Mongol Hun” is deteriorated. But Mongolians have been justice revering and brave people who loved their motherland thus saving its independence in the heart of the Asian continent and therefore a people with lots of worth and history of victory. For such beautiful public, the government should ensure employment and income to all, ensure education to the youth, and keep the senior healthy so that every Mongolians worth would increase. In any country, the public who can demand the government instead of begging it and having the government serving them are the public that is worthwhile. The time has come to show that Mongolians are just, brave and demand the government to action the promises!

We can do it!

Part Six: To Reach Success by Resolving to Face Challenges

An issue: The challenges we are facing are:

  1. Unaccountability
  2. Unemployment
  3. Poverty
  4. Injustice

An issue: Our successes are:

  1. Justice;
  2. Employment and income;
  3. Great upbuilding (Их Бүтээн Байгуулалт)
  4. Solidarity.

An issue: In resolving the pressing challenges and reaching the success would not cost large amount of extra spending. Working together in leveraging right mind, experience, knowledge and education and respecting public interests the pressing challenges could be resolved and success could be reached in the approved budget of today.

Part Seven: To Own the Three “Beautiful” (good)

An issue: Mongolian in Mongolia, owning the country’s natural resources would mean shifting the center of attention from officials who are shielded by the name of the government and sitting protected in the middle of all and creating a just system which can protect the Mongolian (Монгол хүн). The existence of Mongolia therefore would mean existence for creating good life for Mongolian public and Mongolian (Монгол хүн) and his/her interests would be in the center of everything.

An issue: We are called Mongolians because we traversed the past together. However, the sacred name Mongolians do not only belong to the passed and gone. The moment that we imagine that we will create and carve our future together, and then we can stay and continue to exist as Mongolians, the Mongolians will own the three beautiful:

  • Owner of a beautiful fate
  • Owner of a beautiful natural resources
  • Owner of a beautiful Mongolia.

Yes, we are the owners of these!

We have one future to become the owner of these!

Part Eight: To match Word and Action

An issue: Today, in Mongolia a person who “walks the talk” and “creator” is needed a lot (as much as water and air). A person who tells the truth when talking, do good when doing, aim to accomplish when going. Mongolians, let’s become a person who deliver on his/her promise, and who matches its word and action.

Part Nine: To Begin a Grand Journey

An issue: We are beginning a grand journey with objectives to:

  1. Have accountable government;
  2. Establish justice;
  3. Create employment;
  4. Eradicate poverty;
  5. Strengthen solidarity.

In this grand journey, we will be the real owners of Mongolia, own the natural resources, will increase the value and worth of Mongolian and Mongolia will be energized.

Our grand journey is a journey to happiness!

Long live Mongolia! (Мандтугай)

May Mongolians rise and thrive forever!

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3 Responses to S Ganbaatar’s Election Platform

  1. Would you mind sharing the original source of this?

    http://ganbaatar.mn/news/29 has some significant differences.

  2. bulgan batdorj says:

    Dear Marissa,

    Thank you very much for the comment. The original source is the Mongolian General Election Commission Website http://gec.gov.mn/details/2138 where all three parties platforms are audited according to the state auditing law.

    I quickly scanned the website you shared, i think there are some differences with their official party platform. (I hope you do not mind my ignorance) but it is just as much nonsense as the original platform. Of course, I wonder why it is not the same, there seem not change in the substance of the policy direction which he seem to be taking.

  3. Thank you!

    That’s interesting what you point out about discrepancies with the party platform — will look for that.

    Also good to have this link as Battulga’s website has been down…

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