The Diplomat Articles on Presidential Election

By Julian Dierkes and Mendee

We’ve written two posts in The Diplomat that looked at different aspects of the presidential election:

  1. Julian Dierkes “The Race for Mongolia’s Presidency Begins“, June 6
  2. Julian Dierkes and Mendee J “Election 2017: Making Mongolia Great Again?“, June 20

About Julian Dierkes

Julian Dierkes is a sociologist by training (PhD Princeton Univ) and a Mongolist by choice and passion since around 2005. He teaches in the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He toots
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    The translation should be along the lines of “We [Mongolia] shall prevail” or “We [Mongolia] shall overcome” (in the face of the difficulties the country is facing), not “win” which doesn’t render the sense of the slogan…

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