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We have been offering our analyses for free here since 2011. There are no plans to change that, although we have always offered consulting services to a variety of clients.

If you are a regular reader or you think that our analyses are important for perceptions of Mongolia internationally, or for some other reason you would like to support us, we have now created a Patreon account as of January 2022.

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Those of you who are already supporting podcasts or other content creators via Patreon, hopefully this makes it easy for you to support our efforts as well.

We have no plans at the moment to make any content exclusive to Patreon supporters, so if you do not want to contribute, do not worry about being able to continue to read our analyses.

About Julian Dierkes

Julian Dierkes is a sociologist by training (PhD Princeton Univ) and a Mongolist by choice and passion since around 2005. He teaches in the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He toots @jdierkes@sciences.social.
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