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Foreign Policy Roundup #4: July 28-August 4, 2013

The Foreign Policy Roundup returns, after a 2 month hiatus! As a reminder, in these bi-weekly posts I provide a brief summary of Mongolia’s international affairs developments over the past two weeks. (Most of the stories are from Mongolian-language sources, … Continue reading

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Odd Numbers of Arrows: The Abe-Udval Connection

When I looked at Udval’s campaign website for the first time, the photo of her holding a bundle of arrows jumped out at me immediately. Yes, she’s wearing a beautiful light-blue deel, but it’s the arrows that caught my attention. … Continue reading

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How do Japanese view Mongolia?

An interesting article written by Kunio Minato (JGSS Research Center). JGSS-2006 から見た日本におけるモンゴル国の好感度 -東アジア各国・地域との比較検討- (日本版総合的社会調査共同研究拠点 研究論文集[9] JGSS Research Series No.6) Abstract Favorability of Mongolia in Japan Seen From JGSS-2006: Comparison With East Asian Countries/Region Relationship between Japan and Mongolia has been … Continue reading

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