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Let’s Imagine a Rosy MPP Future

By Julian Dierkes Just a quick reminder that I don’t dabble in Mongolian (party) politics, I just try to analyze political development, including parties and elections. In these analyses I try to stay as neutral and detached as I can. … Continue reading

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Erdenebat Cabinet

By Bulgan B & Julian Dierkes Contrary to usual practice to wait to form a new government after a June election until September, the newly-elected Mongolian parliament met in July already to elect a Prime Minister and a cabinet. Given … Continue reading

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Did (Any of) My Saikhanbileg Wishes Come True?

By Julian Dierkes In December 2014 when the first Saikhanbileg cabinet had been formed, I wrote a personal wishlist of actions I was hoping that cabinet might take. J Erdenebat was the finance minister in that cabinet. All the more … Continue reading

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Mining Governance: In the Eyes of 2016 Graduates

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of 2016 graduates from universities and postgraduate schools either abroad or domestic alike.  All graduates have invested their energy, time, and money to attempt to learn everything that would equip them to become good … Continue reading

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A Professional Minister vs. Professional Bureaucrats

The political climate in Ulaanbaatar is now in favour of the pro-professional cabinet.  President, Chairman, members of parliament, and even well-known columnist Baabar advised Mr. New Prime Minister to recruit professionals outside from the parliament and to tame the parochial interests.  This is … Continue reading

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Corruption in 2013

The imminent release of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (Dec 3) is as good an occasion to think/write about corruption in Mongolia as any. Of course, it is especially important in the context of the CPI to emphasize that this … Continue reading

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The Mongolian Presidency

As three parties in the Ikh Khural have now nominated candidates for the presidential election to be held on June 26 (DP: Ts Elbegdorj; MPP: B Bat-Erdene; MPRP: N Udval), it might be useful to review the role of the … Continue reading

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Asia Pacific Memo 161: Bumpy Roads, but Heading in the Right Direction

Mendee Jargalsaikhan and Julian Dierkes present the glass-half-full view of the upcoming parliamentary election for Mongolian democracy. Continue reading

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The Mongolian Public Service

The challenges to a further institutionalization of the Mongolian public service are political parties, the involvement of entrepreneurs in politics, and local lobbying groups. Continue reading

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