A New Mongolian Government Is Finally Formed

Although the new government formed in Ulaanbaatar, its fate seems to be shaky and fragile.  Unlike earlier governments, Altankhuyag’s government is still trying accomodate interests of various factions and joining coalitions – and even unable to devote more efforts to the actual government work (i.e., the Government’s Action Plan).  President Elbegdorj’s policies over judiciary and security institutions are becoming more similar with his predecessor, Enkhbayar, – to assert the party-affilliated politicians at key posts of the judiciary and security institutions.  Political rhetorics of justice, reform, and equality are well used in Ulaanbaatar, but actions of politicians are telling us something totally different and weakening/politicizing the state institutions at both national and local governments.  Maybe something wrong with the structure….. Just adding a recent piece on the Eurasia Daily Monitor.

About mendee

Jargalsaikhan Mendee is a Deputy Director of the Institute for Defense Studies of Mongolia. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of British Columbia, and MAs in International Relations from the US Naval Postgraduate School and in Asia-Pacific Policy Studies from the Institute of Asian Research of the University of British Columbia.
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