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New to Ulaanbaatar in May 2014

By Julian Dierkes Back in October 2013, I made a list of things that are arriving to/disappearing from central Ulaanbaatar. I’ve copied that list here and am adding to it. New items since October 2013 that I’m adding in May … Continue reading

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Visible Manifestations of Social Change in Ulaanbaatar

By Julian Dierkes It seems to me that social change has accelerated in Mongolia, or at least in Ulaanbaatar, or at least in central Ulaanbaatar in the past two years. I’ve had the food fortune to have visited Mongolia three … Continue reading

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My Governor General’s Medallion

It is a bit embarrassing to toot my own horn in this way, but the the Rt Hon David Johnston awarded me a Governor General’s Medallion at the Friends of Canada reception on Oct 26 2013, a year ago. During … Continue reading

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Let’s Call them Sumo Bonds

In a great conversation with a fellow long-time Mongolia watcher, we were contemplating what to call a ¥-denominated Mongolian bond. This follows Prime Minister Altankhuyag’s trip to Japan last week. It appears that a ¥-denominated Mongolian bond with a volume … Continue reading

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Back in the UB

By Julian Dierkes It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to post about my first impressions back in Ulaanbaatar after an absence. This time, my absence was not very long, i.e. from the presidential election in late June … Continue reading

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Investigating the Rural Vote

Over the past weekend, I was very fortunate to have the chance to travel to Khentii Aimag and to speak to a number of locals. I was particularly interested in how the campaign messages of the three candidates played in … Continue reading

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Back in Ulaanbaatar Town

Für Mongolei Nostalgiker… 懐かしいねえ After too long an absence, I’m back in Ulaanbaatar. Returning 1-3 times per year over the last eight years has given me time lapse glimpses of rapid developments in Ulaanbaatar. At ULN, I was delighted to … Continue reading

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Toronto Occupied by High-End Ger

Toronto Star report on a yurt that is featuring in Occupy Toronto protests. Continue reading

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